Fly Fishing Tips

Following these fly fishing tips will help improve your success rate!

Maintain a 90-degree angle between the rod butt and the line when you are fighting a fish.

When casting a large fly such as a streamer or weighted nymph, open the casting stroke to open the casting loop to avoid hitting the rod with the fly, which could break the rod.

Disassemble the rod by holding the sections close to the ferrule and pulling with a slight twist.

Never fish or cast while in the middle of an electrical storm as graphite is an excellent conductor of electricity.

When fighting a big fish, do not hold the rod above the handle as this puts an excessive load on a thinner area of the rod and could lead to breakage.

Never reel in weights or flies to the rod tip as this may damage the tiptop guide and rod tip.

When floating a river in a boat, do not assemble several rods with different flies/nymphs as this the BIGGEST cause of rod breakage as people move around the boat and step on the non-used rods.

If you listen to music in your boat, keep the volume at a reasonable level. Sound from the speakers will transfer through the hull into the water and may scare the fish.

To free a snag in a tree, point the rod tip directly at the snag area and pull back with the line along the direct axis of the rod. This will either break the snag loose or break the tippet and the fly off which is much better than breaking the rod tip.

When bringing a fish to the net, do not retrieve too much line as this may cause the rod tip to break at the last moment. If you have a 9-foot leave nine feet of line from the rod tip to the fly and then raise the rod as the fish comes to you. Do not raise the rod over or behind your head as this will cause excessive stress of the tip and will result in breakage.

Do not dead lift any fish into a boat or on to the shore with your rod as this could cause breakage.

Do not overload your rod by using a line weight of more that one size over the noted rod weight design. If you have a 5 weight rod, you may use a 6 weight line but not larger.