Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is SIERRA CLASSIC FLY RODS by ROK?: ROK are my initials, Robert O. Kieling, and I am the crafter of each rod.

2. Who makes your rod blanks?: The blanks are my own unique design with some of my own mandrils. The blanks are then laid up for me by a personal friend. Each blank is a SIERRA CLASSIC as opposed to a rod wrapper using a Loomis, Sage or other rod company blank. Most of my blanks are 42 million modulus graphite (IM6) for my preferred durable and medium-fast action. I also am using 42M in combination with other higher and lower modulus graphites.

3. Why are your rods so special?: I use the best blank-MY OWN! The blank is durable and beautiful with a Hunter Gloss Green, gloss Teal Blue finish, or matte black. I then use the best components such as triple chromed over stainless steel snakes and strippers. I also use the most spectacular wood reel seats made of BLOOD OF THE LION wood on many of my rods. The finishing is fantastic as I use a special epoxy sparingly, not extending over the thread edge. All in all, I take the extra care to make a classic elegant fly fishing rod.

4. Why are your rods so reasonable priced?: Because I do not sell through dealers, I am able to offer you my rods at the wholesale price. Why pay $500 or more for a production rod when you can have a custom, classic, elegant SIERRA CLASSIC for half the cost?????????

5. Do you warrant your rods?: 99% of my rods that are broken are a result of user error and not due to material failure. ALL rods broken due to material failure are replaced free of charge. All other breakage will be repaired at a reasonable price quoted prior to repair.

6. How do I order a rod?: Although I carry a finished rod inventory as noted, I have 200 plus blanks ready for finishing. First check my finished inventory to see if you find a rod that meets your needs. If you find such a rod, call or email me and I will send out the rod. If you do not find your rod, call or email me with your ideas on what you want. I will then design a rod and quote you a price for your approval. NOTE: I WILL SHIP YOU A ROD FOR YOUR REVIEW……IF YOU LIKE, SEND ME A CHECK AT THAT TIME. IF THE ROD DOES NOT MEET YOUR 100% SATISFACTION, SIMPLY RETURN THE ROD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!