Rod Actions

At Sierra Classic our GOAL is to produce high performance, well balanced, aesthetically pleasing rods, that give years of enjoyment and perform in a manner that enhances the fishing experience. That is our goal today, and that will continue to be our goal in the future.

I classify our rod action as medium/fast, as this provides for the fluid rhythm I prefer. The rod action casts a medium to narrow loop with medium to high line speed. A competent caster is able to cast our rods with a wide, medium or narrow loop, which makes them very versatile rods. A new flycaster will find the rods easy to cast, as they tend to be more forgiving that other faster action rods. Because of the particular action of Sierra Classic fly rods, the flyfisher will find these rods perform well in a wide variety of fishing conditions.

This action is a result of the progressive taper design and the use of 42 million modulus graphite. Although higher modulus graphites are available, We have selected this graphite material for its high modulus of elasticity (resistance to bending) and an excellent strain rate (resistance to breaking) providing for a rod that is delicate, light and strong.